Where we work

To date, the LAND Project has focused on two key locations in South Africa: the Alexandra township in Johannesburg, Gauteng and the Kumanzimdaka village in the Eastern Cape Province. The LAND Project is currently looking to expand into other areas in southern Africa.

Despite its location adjacent to bustling Johannesburg, the Alexandra Township is one of the poorest urban areas in the country and is home to nearly 200,000 people. Overcrowding, inadequate sanitation, and limited infrastructure have contributed to poor health in the area. With Kidlinks World, the LAND Project is working to support urban gardening projects in the area that provide needed nutrition and empower community members.

The Eastern Cape Province of South Africa is a beautiful region, with a series of lush, fertile plateaus rolling up from the sea to the Drakensberg Mountains. Yet the area has high levels of poverty, hunger, and HIV infection, a paradox of scarcity in what could be a land of plenty. The LAND Project seeks to end this paradox.

Here, the LAND Project is focusing on the 32 villages of the amaQwathi people, especially the villages between the towns of Elliot and Ncogbo (also spelled Engcobo) in the Eastern Cape.

The region lies at about 1600 meters (about 5000 feet), at the base of the Drakensberg Mountains, watched from above by the famous rock formation known locally as The Guardians.

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