A tribute to Mambhele

In January, 2018, the LAND Project lost an esteemed partner and dynamic community leader, Mildred Ncapayi—better known as ‘Mambhele.’

Mambhele led by example, be it through her exceptional agricultural acumen, her generous heart, or her ability to bring people together.  She exerted abundant effort to better the lives of her family and neighbors by both embracing new ideas and protecting local traditions.  Mambhele operated with an open heart and vivid imagination.  She welcomed LAND Project team members into her home, sharing with them delicious meals over open flames, the power of custom, epic tales, and far-reaching knowledge.  Mambhele taught us to listen to the land and truly hear people.  She embodied strength and compassion through her steadfast support of local children and other women.

Mambhele remains in our hearts and minds, always.

Let these walls remind us of all that we have been
of all that we can be
Listen and hear them speak of the power of women
Of freedom, of revolution

This is sacred space where dreams survived
sacred space that kept us alive

Excerpt from, “Where We’ve Been” by Myesha Jenkins


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